Sometimes, to innovate forward,

you must change direction.


Introducing: Heliolithography


An Advanced Toolset For Design to Manufacturing

As artists and engineers, the founders of Orange Maker were inspired by the possibility of 3D printing, but felt limited by the capabilities of technologies that are currently available.

To propel 3D printing into the future, we developed our own process.





Helios One: Efficiency By Design


From Concept To production

For most engineers and designers, the 3D printing technology currently available is neither efficient nor reliable. Helios One™  achieves a new pinnacle of throughput, build volume, and fine resolution in an entirely unique way.

We've combined world-class aesthetic design with professional grade engineering giving users the highest level tools to experience design-to-manufacturing in three dimensions. 




“Orange Maker’s New
Heliolithography Technology Could
Eventually Replace Stereolithography
and Fused Deposition Modeling” 
Whitney Hipolite,