When we began developing 3D printing technology, we envisioned a system that would allow for the greatest theoretical limits on print size, material capabilities, resolution, and efficiency possible. 

The tools we dreamed of using did not exist, so we became inspired to start creating them ourselves.

OM Co-Founders Kurt Dudley & Doug Farber introduce Heliolithography (HL)



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We innovate and develop world-class solutions for advanced 3D printing systems and create user-friendly software programs. 

Company Overview

As artists and engineers, the founders of Orange Maker were inspired by the possibilities of 3D printing to empower people with advanced tools with which to create, but felt limited by the abilities of the currently available technology. In truly innovative form, we decided to develop and our own.

After years of research and development, we perfected a technical contribution to 3D printing with vast applications to raise the bar on this exciting new area of technology.

The world is waiting for 3D printing technology that packs the highest resolution and quality available into an easy-to-use device for designers and engineers. 

Frustrated by the prohibitive costs and inferior capabilities of our predecessors, Orange Maker founders innovated new 3D printing technology that raises the bar allowing users to imagine, design, and create 3D objects without sacrificing any element of their vision.

3D printing was originally invented in the late 1980’s. After decades of patent-hoarding by companies holding key foundational patents for 3D printing, the technology as a whole was restricted from growing and evolving. By developing our own unique system, Orange Maker stands up for collaboration in the 3D printing community. 

Over the past few years, key patents in 3D printing expired, allowing for a worldwide open-source community allowing for innovation and progress to blossom around the world.







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Orange Maker supports a highly collaborative culture in the 3D printing community. We want to connect with you if you're passionate about the future of 3D Printing technology. 

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