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A vibrant group of 3D printing enthusiasts innovating new technology started by a group of guys including a 3D digital effects artist, an engineer, and technology entrepreneur, and joined by a team of multi-disciplinary experts working together to bring heliolithography to life. 


We began this journey in Thousand Oaks just outside of Los Angeles, CA. 

In mid-2015, we moved our development to Philadelphia, PA and established a research laboratory at The Port Incubator at The Science Center, and established a research partnership with Drexel University

We also have a presence in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.  


3D printing was originally invented in the late 1980’s. After decades of patent hoarding by companies holding key foundational patents for 3D printing, the technology as a whole was restricted from growing and evolving.

Over the past few years, foundational patents in 3D printing expired allowing for a worldwide open-source community for innovation and progress to blossom around the world.

Inspired by the possibilities for 3D printing, but frustrated by the technical limitations and high costs of the technology available at that time, our team began developing and patenting our own unique technology, Heliolithography (HL).  

Using our unique method, we print smoother edges, faster print times, greater material variability, design control, making plastic extrusion methods (FDM) seem archaic. Our patent-pending technology allows us to produce and manufacture our products without infringing on the industry giants in 3D printing.

Our method has greater theoretical limits in print size, print resolution, and range of materials possible.

We focus our R&D on 3D printing technology, hardware, software, cloud servers,and 3D printable materials.

Popular Applications

  • Concept Modeling

  • Functional Prototyping

  • Manufacturing Tooling

  • Advanced Applications


By inventing our own advanced system, we are able to raise the bar for the global 3D printing industry by expanding the theoretical limits to produce higher resolution, scalability of build size, and simple usability of 3D printing technology. 

By developing a new category of technology, we are able to provide advanced systems to users and other companies and support a collaborative and ubiquitous 3D printing community.


Heliolithography will become available as an advanced tool for designers and engineers, fabrication services, and manufacturing companies. Additional products will be announced subsequently.


Fueled by the inspiration of being able to deliver the highest-level tools to people around the world, partnerships, endless development and user testing, and introduction of superior products, Orange Maker is trusted source and cutting edge innovator of 3D printing technology. 


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