Sometimes, to innovate forward,

you must change direction.


Introducing: Heliolithography


Technology For Mass-Production of 3D Printed Parts 

OM is a 3D manufacturing technology provider developing machines and materials to meet the global demand for end-to-end additive manufacturing systems.

As artists and engineers, the founders of Orange Maker were inspired by the potential of 3D printing, but were limited by capabilities of existing technologies.

To enable the mass-production of 3D manufactured parts, OM has developed and patented a novel printing process to achieve high-throughput printing utilizing a broad range of photo-curable materials for advanced applications.


Orange Maker’s technology platform, Heliolithography, has now been granted in U.S. and internationally. For inquires on strategic partnerships and industry specific licensing opportunities, please contact us.  



“Orange Maker’s New
Heliolithography Technology Could
Eventually Replace Stereolithography
and Fused Deposition Modeling” 
– Whitney Hipolite,