Drexel University

Orange Maker Establishes East- Coast Research Labs

Armed with patent-pending technology, powerful partnerships, and a multi-disciplinary team of experts, Orange Maker prepares to commercialize new technologies to improve the landscape of additive manufacturing.

October 27th, 2015 -  Orange Maker, a high resolution 3D printing technology startup formed in Los Angeles, CA, announces a newly established east-coast operation with the opening of its main research and development laboratory in Philadelphia, PA. Orange Maker joins the flourishing community of technology, manufacturing, and healthcare innovators and has begun to develop partnerships in the region.

Orange Maker is best known for their unique process for 3D printing, Heliolithography (HL), which demonstrates significant improvements over conventional stereolithographic (SLA) and fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing methods. HL achieves greater throughput, and maintains high-resolution while increasing build volume. These key factors currently limit the scale of existing technologies.  

With its new facility located in University City, Orange Maker advances their commitment to producing next generation toolset for designers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals across many fields to achieve superior quality of 3D prints. Orange Maker is accelerating the development of their “design-to-manufacturing” printer line, Helios, and has expanded its team of influential strategic advisors and employees with diverse specialties to support its commercialization.

Orange Maker also proudly announces a strategic collaboration with Drexel University to explore opportunities to advance 3D printing technologies through its Drexel Ventures unit. Drexel Ventures is a university accelerator that provides commercialization services for its community of academic innovators. Keith Orris, Drexel’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Relations and Economic Development and Head of Drexel Ventures commented: 

“Orange Maker’s decision to open a facility in University City and partner with Drexel to advance their new technology is an example of how research universities can assist in making Philadelphia a vibrant hub for innovation and technology. Co-location and close collaboration between innovative companies and universities lies at the heart of Drexel’s Innovation Neighborhood initiative.

— Keith Orris, Drexel’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Relations & Economic Development